Frequently Asked Questions
1. How can I renew an existing Registration Key?
Registration Keys can be renewed up to 2 months prior to expiration and 1 month past expiration. The easiest means to renew a registration key is to move your mouse cursor over the "My Account" menu tab and click on the "My Renewals" option. The resultant page will show you all the registration keys that can be renewed, with controls to add the renewals to your cart.
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2. What if I don't want to renew all my registration keys?
When you add a registration key renewal into your cart, it defaults to adding the number of licenses associated to that key. You may adjust this quantity in the cart before checking out. Note that if you renew fewer licenses than are available for a registration key, the renewal quantity and expiration date will not change until the original registration key expiration date is reached. At this time the quantity and new expiration date will be in effect. You may still get expiration notifications on your tool until the update has completed.
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3. What is the difference between Renewal, Incrementing and Buying new?
Renewal will extend the registration key end date by a year. Incrementing the license count for a registration key will not affect the end date. Buying new will create a brand new registration key, the end date will be 1 year from time of purchase.
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4. I want to purchase additional licenses for an existing registration key, how do I do this?
You can increase the number of licenses for an existing registration key at any time. The price is pro-rated based on the amount of time left for the registration key. Purchasing additional licenses for an existing registration key does not affect the expiration date for the registration key. This product is not available from browsing the catalog however - you have to locate your registration key. The easiest way is to type the registration key in the search box and click the magnifier icon next to the search box. Once you are viewing the registration key, there will be a button labeled "Buy More Licenses". Clicking on this will add a single license increment to your cart. You can adjust the quantity within your cart, if you want more than one, and check out as per usual.
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5. I received a Registration Key transfer notification - what do I do with it?
If you received a Registration Key transfer notification email, it means that someone initiated a registration key ownership change. In order to complete the process you can click here and enter the details supplied in the email you received. Upon completion, the registration key ownership will be transferred to your organization.
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